"XIII Summer Guitar Meeting"
St. Guta - 04.07.2010 - 06.07.2010 (Belarus)

Concerts, the master classes, lectures, a beach, bathing in the river, fishing of walk in a wood.

St.Guta - a small village on Belarus. 20 kilometers from Gomel, 5 kilometers from Ukraine. Beside some rest houses and boarding houses, beaches, driving on catamarans and boats, campaigns in a wood and on the river. A radiating background - in norm.

Residing at authentic houses.

A meal in a boarding house


There were:

Solo concerts by Natasha Lipnizkaja,

Oxana Shelazenko, Ula Machneva;

Lecture and master classes by Igor Rekhin;
Seminar of the organizer " IV Summer guitar meeting " by Ihar Shoshyn "Guitar and computer";
Performance of a guitar orchestra. The conductors Oleg Kopenkov and Igor Rekhin.


"IV Summer guitar academy " St. Guta - 2001 (Belarus)

22-24, June 2001

David Grimes (USA)

The director Igor Shoshyn.

ul.Klermont - Ferran 3-83, 246027, Gomel, Belarus
Tel. 375 232 403033, 375 297 303882.









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