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The Gomel Urban Executive Committee,
Gomel Regional Philharmonic Society,
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International Competition

25-27.04.2014. Gomel. Belarus


Conditions of competition:
The competition is in 4 age categories (age of participants is defined by date of: 4.05.2012.)I category - till 12 years; II category. 12-15 years (inclusive); III category. 16-20 years (inclusive); IV category. From 21 years. The participants of I-III categories act in one round. The participants of IV category act in two rounds. Guitar ensembles - in two categories. I category - till 18 years; II acategory - from 18 years.


I category (up to 5 minutes.):
1. Composition - participant of the International competition of the composers Gomel. Belarus. "Seven notes - six strings" 2. Free program.
II category (up to 7 minutes.):
1. Composition - participant of the International competition of the composers Gomel. Belarus. "Seven notes - six strings" 2. Free program.
III category (up to 10 minutes.):
1. Composition - participant of the International competition of the composers Gomel. Belarus. "Seven notes - six strings" 2. Free program.
IV category
1 round (up to 10 minutes.)
1. Composition - participant of the International competition of the composers Gomel. Belarus. "Seven notes - six strings".2. Free program.
2 round (up to 15 minutes.)
1. Product of the composer, or processing of a national melody of the country of the participant.
2. Free program. The compositions should differ from the first round.
You can pay the collections of the notes: "Guitar miniatures" 2007-2014, CD - "40 guitar miniatures" Elected of four international competitions of the composers plays Igor SHOSHYN" - 10 Euro for each + cost of transfer by mail.
The applications move in organizing committee till 20 May, 2012 to the address:
Igor Shoshyn, Klermont-Ferran st., 3-83, 246027, Gomel, Belarus.
tel. +375 232 403033, +375 297 303882, e-mail:


I category (up to 15 minutes.)
1. Free program.
II category (up to 20 minutes.)
1. Free program.
The products should differ from the first round. The age group is defined on the participant, senior age. The performance of the program is supposed under the notes.


1. To participation in competition the 6-string classical guitars are supposed.
2. Requirement to a guitar: length- 650 mm; width of a
signature stamp on top nut- 50-53мм. The labels confirming
authorship inside the tool should be stuck.

To the GUITAR MAKERS exposing the instrument , it is necessary to pass registration, directly ahead of listening to adjust the instrument on a tuning fork in classical build, and to pass to its registrar. The safety and return of instruments is guaranteed on time of listening.The executors (professional guitarists) will play behind a screen, on all tools execute two fragments of pieces of music beforehand chosen by the members of jury, in 2 circles. The jury exposes estimations for each tool, estimating force of sounding and beauty of tool and timbre of a guitar.


1. Surname, name.
2. Date of birth. Category.
3. Musical educational institution, class or rate.
4. Surname, name and patronymic of the teacher (completely).
5. Program (Time).
6. Home address, telephone. Е-mail
7. Quantity of hotel reservations.
The participants of competition bring in a payment on development of competition. CLASSICAL GUITAR
1 category - 40 Euro. 2 category - 50 Euro. 3 category - 60 Euro. 4 category - 70 Euro.


1category - 50 Euro. 2 category - 60 Euro for each participant of ensemble. It is possible to bring in money in any savings bank or bank, having arrived in Gomel in the Byelorussian rubles.

25-27.04.14 there will be rehearsals of the Incorporated Guitar Orchestra. Any wishing guitar player can take part in Incorporated Guitar Orchestra. For this purpose it is necessary to have a guitar and board for the notes.

The address: st. Irininskaja, 16, Urban Centre of Culture. The winners are announced by the winners of the International competition "Renaissance of Guitar", are awarded with the diplomas I, II and III of a degree and gifts from the sponsors, and as by concert round on the cities of Belarus. The decision of the jury is final. During competition the classes with the conducting executors and teachers are stipulated the foreman. - The exhibition of the notes, СD's, musical tools and accessories will be organized during competition.

The artistic director is Igor Shoshyn.

The IX International festival "The Renaissance of guitar" has passed in Gomel
with 25-27.04.2014.

(The Art-director is Igor Shoshyn )

The various music were submitted to the spectators. The Polish group "Viva Flamenco"
(The chief is Megel Chahovske) has a great success! Oleg Akimov (Russia) has executed
products on a barocco guitar. The public has accepted warmly of performance of the
Byelorussian guitar players, winners of the international competitions E. Gredushco, N.
Lepnitskaja, J. Lonskaja. The programs Oksana Shelezenco (Ukraine), S. Urupin, J.
Oleshnicov (Russia) were very sated and interested. The French guitar player J.
Francisco Ortiz excellently performed nine of the Spanish folk songs. Ornament of
festival became, performance of the winner the international competitions, the Moscow
guitar player Dmitrey Illarionov. He is the winner of most prestigious competition,
organized by guitar association of America - GFA in October 2002. The Gomel public
hotly has accepted of the actor, which executed "The Devil capriccio"
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, "Variations on a topices Paganini " F. Tarrega and other
compositions. The public long did not release D. Illarionova from the stage - enough to
tell, that him caused on the "bis" six times… During a festival D. Illarionov, S.
Urupin, N. Lepnitskaja, and the duet Denis Sabirov and Elena Macarevich have creative
in studio-recording some compositions by I. Shoshyn, for his author's CD.
E. Gredushco has lead the master - class for the young guitar players. I. Shoshyn has
acquainted with video from of guitar festivals. V. Kienia has prepared seminar, which
devoted 150 years from birthday F. Tarrega and 90 years from birthday A.M.



Festival of instrumental music

"Guitar Renaissance-2001"

Gomel. Belarus.

The VIII festival of instrumental music "Renaissance of the guitar" has passed on December 6-8, 2001 in the city of Gomel (the Republic of Belarus). The program was sated and various. The festival will be remembered not only by performances of the musicians, but also by lectures, master - classes, videoviewings, and also friendly dialogue.

Per the first day the music pieces of the large form were executed. V.Dotsenko (Ukraine) has executed a concert for a guitar with an orchestra № 3 of a Cuban composer Leo Brower. V. Zaharov (Grodno, Belarus) has played "Introduction and Fandango" L.Boccherini. Jan Skrigan (Minsk, Belarus) has presented on court of the spectators "Horal" from a concert for string and bells of G.Gorelowa. All music pieces were executed in support of a chamber orchestra "Sonante" (Minsk).

The guitar duo V.Ugolnik - T.Kopenkowa has a special popularity at the Gomel public. They always act successfully. They made a great impression with their program consisting of many short works.

One of the best guitarists of Ukraine V.Petrenko has executed classical music pieces and sung some own songs under accompaniment of the guitar.

And the other representatives of Ukraine participated in a festival - the winners of the international competitions U.Machneva, E.Oleynikova, Alina Boyko.

22-year's D.Illarionov has arrived from Moscow. Despite of young age, he is already well known in the guitar world. He won prestigious international competitions. In Gomel he has executed with shine some complex products.


O.Kopenkov, D.Illarionov, Jan Skryhan

The brothers Adam and Marec Mikulskiye (Poland) executed the own compositions, which, undoubtedly, the public have liked.
Jan Skrigan (Belarus) - young, but already rather known guitar player - has played three preludes by Vila Lobos.
Artistic director of the festival Ihar Shoshin (acoustic guitar) has played two own original compositions in a duet with A.Lupinenko (electroguitar).

The rewarding of the winners of the international competition on the best guitar miniature for children was held per the second day of the festival. Jennifer Rae Barrett-Drew (Canada) has become the winner, the second place - S. Burov (Belarus), the third place - U. Machneva (Ukraine). On results of this competition the collection of the notes with the best products submitted on competition is issued. Pieces, becoming the winners on the competition, were played on this festival.
The incorporated guitar orchestra under management E.Gridushko has finished the festival "Renaissance of the guitar 2001".

Victor Kiyenia, press manager of the festival.


Festival of instrumental music

"Guitar Renaissance-2000"

Gomel. Belarus.

The seventh international festival of instrumental music "Guitar Renaissance " has passed on December 7-9 in the Byelorussian city Gomel. In the hall of the city theatre, where passed concerts numbering more six hundred of places, all tickets were sold behind some days up to its beginning. Those who has not seen to it about the tickets beforehand, have deprived themselves of pleasure to see and to hear the perfect executors who have arrived not only from many Byelorussian cities, but also from Russia, Ukraine, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, France. The program of the festival was very much sated. First of all, we shall tell about the Byelorussian musicians. We have pleased with the art Jan Skryhan, Igor Kuzmizki (Minsk), Wladimir Zaharow (Grodno), Ihar Shoshyn (art-director of the festival, playing in a duet with a flute-player Irina Puhalskaya, Gomel), young guitarists O.Geil (Lida), I.Deducenko (Molodechno), N.Krein (Pinsk)… The main event of the festival, in opinion of many, became performance "Belarus ancient triptych " for the guitar with an orchestra of the Minsk composer Waleriy Zhiwalewski (the soloist was a young guitar player from Brest Dmitriy Boricyuk, class of the teacher A.Rusin). The Gomel symphonic orchestra took part and in execution of a symphonic picture "Bach and computer " for the guitar with an orchestra - author Ihar Shoshyn. A party of the guitar has executed Natalia Lipnitskaya (Minsk). Perfect products, perfect performance!

In the concert programs have taken part a duet from Czechia Petra Elicerova (guitar) and Milan Arner (clarinet), Lukash Kuropachewski, Woldemar Gromolak (Poland), David Pavlovich (Hungary), Sanija Milutinivich (Yugoslavia), guitar duet Wladimir Dozenko-Victoria Tkachenko (Ukraine), guitar ensemble under management Evgeniy Aleshnikov (Russia). The Gomel spectators have seen unique in Europe a duet playing in unusual structure: a classical and electrical guitar (Patrick Brun and Gilles Ballet, France). By the way, both musicians have arrived from Klermont-Ferrant, twin-city of the city Gomel. The French musicians have estimated very highly a past festival, having told, that "Guitar Renaissance" occupies the worthy place among guitar festivals of Europe. Performance of a summary guitar orchestra under management Evgeniy Gridiushko was a finishing chord of a festival. About two tens executors have played so nice, that the hall welcomed them standing...

Three days the holiday of guitar music proceeded. The spectators during concerts did not pity palms. But it was in the evening. And day in the program of the festival was foremen - classes, which have carried out David Pavlovich, Patrick Brun and Gilles Ballet. Waleriy Zhiwalewski has read lecture about a Belarus lute. The participants of a festival (however, as well as all wishing) have had an opportunity to visit at videolecture "The Review of guitar festivals", to study on the computer to a set of the notes in the program "Finale", which has lead Ihar Shoshyn.
Let's mention even one important event. The release of two editions was dated for a festival: the almanac "Guitar Renaissance - 2000 " and magazine "Belarus guitar".…The Guitar holiday has terminated. And the faces of the musicians became little bit sad. Nobody would like to part with the friends, with charming Gomel public. But anything, the following meeting will be speed - only in one year.






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