Ihar SHOSHYN - was born on Belarus in Gomel, in 1965.

His first teacher was the remarkable guitar player and teacher Vadim Kiselov. Later he has continued training on a guitar in Gomel musical college. 1989-1995 Ihar Shoshyn works in Gomel musical college as the guitar teacher.

In 1991 hi leaves first the musical collection "Reverse perception of guitar" .

In 1990-1994 Ihar Shoshyn is a student of the Minsk university of culture on a class of a guitar and arrangement.

In 1995-1996 he is the organizer of the festival "Guitar-elektro/classik" . In 1997 he has organized the international festival of instrumental music "The Guitar Renaissance", which passes annually.

"Ihar Shoshyn, the liader of Gomel"s Guitar Club" (The magazine "Soundboard" USA 1998)..


In 1997-1998 Ihar Shoshyn has received the master classes from Karlo Markeone, Stepan Rak, Vladislav Blaha . Hi received a rate of composition and polyphony from the Moscow composer Igor Rekhin.


In 1998 Ihar Shoshyn and Yugoslavian composer Uros Dojchinovich issued the collection of the notes. In 1998 Ihar Shoshin and Viktar Kieniya organized the release of the first on Belarus guitar almanac "The Guitar Renaissance".

In 1999 he organized "The Summer Guitar Meetings".

In 2000 Ihar Shoshyn is a founder and musical editor of the magazine "The Belarus Guitar".

In 2001 has organized "The International Internet-Competition on the Best Composition for Children's Musical Schools".

1998 - 2002 he took part in concerts, lectures and master classes in Czechia, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia on the competitions and festivals. Now he conducts active concert activity as the soloist, in a duet and in structure of a instrumental trio.




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